Track the dependencies
of your Python projects

Sometimes, it's hard to keep track of all your project's dependencies. We make it easier for you.

Version tracking

You'll know when any of your
dependencies has a new version.

License tracking

You'll have a general overview
of all your dependencies licenses.

Upgrade plans

Can you upgrade your project to use the newest Django version? We'll let you know if there are any dependencies blocking you.

Version and license tracking

Version tracking

Did any of your dependencies got a new version? You will see the highlights when it happens. This way you can keep your projects up-to-date and secure.

License tracking

Is your proprietary project using any restrictive licenses? What if some of your dependencies change its license along the way? We make it easier for you to keep track of the new versions and also its licenses.

Upgrade plans

Lets say your project uses Django, Flask or any other libraries and you want to upgrade it to a newer version. Do your dependencies support the new version? If not, are there any new versions that add support to it? We will let you know which dependencies should be upgraded and which ones are blocking you.


We will let you know which of your dependencies should be upgraded.


If any of your dependencies don't work well with the library you are trying to upgrade to, we will let you know.

Free tiers

Right know we are providing 2 free tiers per account. You can use it with both public and private repositories. Very soon, this will be available only for Open Source projects, using public repositories.

Paid plan

Unique pricing

$ 5 /mo per project

Frequent questions

Is it only for Python?

It is.

We don't have any plans supporting other languages at this moment.

How often my projects will be synced?

Right now, we are syncing projects once a day.

How do you access my project's source code?

Right now, we only support projects hosted on GitHub or BitBucket. Other methods are being considered, but we're not developing it at this moment.

Do you keep a copy of my project's source code?


But only while we analyze your dependencies and perform some actions. After this, we remove it completely from our file system.

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